Daegrad Tools (Sheffield, England) manufacture  tooling of the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and Medieval periods for use in Living History, Film, Television and Museum contexts, all our items are hand made at our Sheffield forge

Please take time to view our other web pages detailing our returns and shipping policies. Shipping is usually between 3 and 10 days from receipt of order depending upon the order size. Shipping rates are as follows however large or small the order; 

UK; free     

Mainland Europe; £6.99     

Finland and sweden; £8.99  we do not ship to Norway 

Australia; £8.99    Canada  £ 8.99

NO SHIPPING TO THE US as i'm afraid the shipping costs currently are now so high it is not viable to deliver to the US

Allergy Note; some of our items are treated with WD40, Mineral Oil, Linseed Oil, Beeswax or Danish Oil or a combination of those products, if you have allergies to any of those products please do not buy as they are not suitable for you to use.

a note on the steel we use;
Steel grade S275JR is a structural steel that meets the requirements of the EN 10025-2 standard. this steel has a carbon equivalent value of 0.4% carbon, all our S275JR steel products are water quenched ready to use and give an acceptable level of sharpness for woodworking use

in addition we also use case carburised steel with a high carbon content where sharpness is a critical consideration